Pre-emergent for grassy weeds (Crabgrass, Dallisgrass, etc.)

As the weather begins to warm up (February) it is time to start preparing to apply pre-emergent herbicides to your lawn to help prevent grassy weeds like crabgrass and dallisgrass. Pre-emergent herbicides prevent these weeds from growing while they are still germinating under the ground.  To be as effective as possible pre-emergents should be applied when soil temperatures are in the 50’s for a couple of days and at the proper rates.  Pre-emergents will not prevent every weed seedling from germinating but it will keep an infestation subdued and not allow weeds to take over your lawn.
Note: If the pre-emergent is applied to late, after the crabgrass has broken ground, then pre-emergents will do no good. If this happens post-emergent herbicides should be used.

Pre-emergents can be applied in liquid or granular form (fertilizers).  The granular forms of crabgrass pre-emergent can be found at your local home improvement stores with the fertilizers.

If you are interested in preventing these grassy weeds and would like Love Your Lawn to apply the pre-emergent herbicide for you at the correct rate/time then please give us a call!

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